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Scandalous Heiress

Scandalous Heiress

Those Notorious Americans, Book 4
W. J. Power • February 4, 2019
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She was his ruin.

Ada Hanniford is an oddity. An American heiress, a beauty, she’s sowed her wild oats and paid the price in sly rumors. Preferring politics to promenades, gardening to waltzing, she rebuffs the toffs who would seduce her for the fun of it or propose to marry her merely for her millions.

Embracing impending spinsterhood, she’s shocked to meet a man who fascinates her with tales his own adventures in exotic lands. She’s drawn to him, charmed by his kisses and his sense of honor.

Then one night, he braves society to save her reputation…and in the act, destroys his own.

He was her salvation.

Victor Cole is a survivor. A man who has worked diligently to overcome his lack of title and land, he has finally buried the disgrace of a wife so scandalous he had to sail thousands of miles away to wipe away her stain.

Then he meets Ada Hanniford. She’s so natural, so unique, he must court her and kiss her. But would he be wise to claim her? With each word, each sigh, he comes closer to loving her. But when the one man whom he should respect shames her, Victor cannot allow him to sully her. Rescuing her becomes his sole purpose. But to save her means he stirs scandal once more…and destroys his own bright prospects.

How can a man and woman who love each other overcome the slings and arrows of their scandalous pasts and build a life together if no one else can forget their sinful pasts?

If you love swoon-worthy historical romance, starring endearing heroes, sassy heroines and a family of irresistible charmers, this book is for you!

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