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Tall, Hard and Trouble

Tall, Hard and Trouble

Cerise DeLand • September 22, 2015
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Every woman meets one man in her lifetime who’s just too tough to resist.
He’s tall, hard…and dangerous to her heart.

What if a man wants to savor one of his employees after hours—and she’s never even given him the time of day?
What if he’s honorable? And he sees her attacked?
Tate Ryder chucks his ethics in a heartbeat.
But Anna Stevens can’t let Tate protect her. He’s sweet. He’s damn delicious. But he could get hurt. And she knows if she shows him how deeply she cares for him, he won’t back off.
Good for her that Tate won’t take no for an answer.
Good for him that Anna can’t resist him.
Too bad no one can protect her from the secret that’s stalked her all her life.

What if a man can’t forget one special woman who left him long ago without a word?
What if she suddenly appears one morning at a meeting he learns she arranged?
And she apologizes. Explains.
Coco Dalton is a photographer. And more. But because of a job gone wrong, she’s in trouble. Bad.
Grant Warwick is stunned.
Can he help her?
He has to—or she’ll lose her life and he’ll lose his reason to live.

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Her Beguiling Butler

Her Beguiling Butler

Delightful Doings in Dudley Crescent, Book 1
Cerise DeLand • July 31, 2015
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The lovely widow at Number Ten Dudley Crescent hopes to lead a merry life without any husband to replace the elderly one she recently buried. Yet Lady Ranford finds herself in a pickle. Her new butler, Finnley, is not only the most obstinate man she’s ever met, but also an enigma.

She’s never been lured to naughtiness with a man. Heaven knows, she certainly shouldn’t fantasize about the tall, dark, scowling creature who runs her household like his finely tuned pocket watch.

But she can’t help herself. She needs to taste him—or dismiss him.

Finnley, poor fellow, has a few risqué dreams of his own about how he’d like to handle the delectable widow. Alone in his rooms, he tries to deny how her humor riddles his mind and how her beauty steals his breath away.

None of his solutions are proper.

All of his desires are quite…dear me…scandalous.

But what’s a butler to do when the very life of his beloved employer is at stake? And he cannot control his need to protect her and…ahem…bed her?

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