Cerise Deland
Paris Expose

Paris Exposé

The Wilder Rose Press
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4.5 Cherries by Whipped CreamAfter Deanne Delacroix moves to Paris to re-think her failed career, she opens her drapes one morning to discover a delicious Frenchman in the window across the street—naked. Enthralled by his handsomeness and risqué behavior, Deanne goes above and beyond her comfort zone by offering her own wickedly naked expose. It’s not long before Deanne is pursued by the handsome Architect Andre Ferrar and discovers the joy of Parisian delights. However, a Paris Exposé can only last so long…

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Dee spotted Andre immediately as she entered the cafe. The mere sight of him had her nipples ruching, her labia swelling. He sat at a table for two in the back, alone. Clothed, he was imperial in a severely cut, charcoal grey wool suit with crisp white shirt. She shivered in anticipation of being so close to him, and cinched the sash of her trench coat. She nodded to the maitre d’ that she was joining the gentleman at the rear and made her way through the tables with the giddy glee of a co-ed about to conquer the football captain.

Andre smiled at her with molten interest—and she responded with a broad grin. She wasn’t going to play the demure female. She needed to know this man for all that he was—and savor him. If she decided to make their acquaintance into an affair, she warned herself to make that a temporary joy. He was not a man who settled for all time with one woman and she was not a woman to be any man’s paramour.

Andre rose from his seat on the banquette, extended his arms to enfold her and kissed both cheeks. “Mademoiselle Delacroix,” he welcomed her in a bass voice that sent sparks of joy down her spine. “I am delighted to see you.” His gaze swept from her eyes to her lips and throat, and then drifted down, lingering for a dark special moment on the bodice of her trench coat. “I cannot wait to see more of you. Closer to me than my window.”

She couldn’t help it, she laughed. “I feel the same, Monsieur Ferrar.”