Cerise Deland
Power Position

Power Position

The Wilder Rose Press
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When Amanda Prescott hired sexy ex-Marine Jake Wilcox to head her company’s security, the lonely widow began to yearn for the hunky thirty-something to keep her safe and sound–and satisfied in bed. Jake knows the curvy boss lady wants everything he’s got—and needs everything he’s hot to deliver. On a flight to Dubai, he decides to help her reach new heights of sexual power. But when they come down to earth, will Jake and Amanda decide their encounter was only a few hours of mile-high ecstasy—or a lasting love affair?

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He clamped her closer. “You need a man to conquer, Mandy.”

She laughed and hugged him. “This one.”

“Shall we?” He glanced around the cabin.

“Here?” She nearly shrieked at how risqué it could be to think that… “The pilot—”

“Won’t come out,” Jake whispered. “I told him to stay put. We’d be very busy.” She chuckled, trembling as his big hot hand slid inside her bra. “You’re very brash.”

He pushed her breast up out of the skimpy French lace and rolled her nipple between two fingers, sending sparks of need to her pussy. “It’s what you pay me for.”

She purred in his lap. “Hmmm. This was not in your job description.”

“You’ll give me a good performance appraisal,” he crooned, scooping under her ass, and forcing her thighs apart to straddle him. In a second, he had her blouse unbuttoned, the front clasp of her bra unhooked, both garments down and off her arms. He bent to push her breasts together and lave her nipples. She gulped in desperate air while his persistent tongue swirled over her begging areolas. But she had enough presence of mind to gloat when his hands slid up under her skirt and reached for panties that she hadn’t donned today.

He pulled back, grinning down into her face, languidly stroking the bare skin of her labia. “My, my. Darling Mandy, did you shave for me?”