Cerise Deland
When You're Mine

When You’re Mine

W. J. Power • May 29, 2020
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Four men, each with one quest—to make the lady he adores his own!
A knight forbidden to touch the lady he craves…
A newly minted heir who’ll hire the woman he loves to find him a wife…
A butler who must discover if his charming employer did away with her husband…
A scandalous duke and notorious sculptor who desires an elusive American widow to become his model…his lover…his mate…
Each man will fight every foe, defeat all odds to make the woman he adores his!

Note: This anthology by Cerise DeLand includes 4 previously published novels from different series together for the first time.

Knights of Passion #1: AT HER SERVICE

Elise Dumond has always done her duty to her aging husband. But when the lovely Countess learns her dying spouse has paid a bounty to her childhood friend to father a child with her, Elise trembles at the prospect of being possessed by the famous knight who is now a legendary lover.
Simon de la Poer is determined to claim Elise in all the imaginative ways he has yearned for these past ten years. As he teaches her the joys of exotic pleasure, she revels in their passion. Their rekindled love burns fast and bright, inciting their enemies to try to tear them apart with lies-and murder.

Note: This novel by Cerise DeLand was previously released by Totally Bound under the same title.

* * *


Lady Kitty Varney runs a discreet matchmaking business to support herself and pay her late husband’s debts. When Justin Belmont appears in her parlor, Kitty’s latest client is the very man she was forbidden to marry years ago. Kitty wonders if she can find Justin a woman worthy of him…and if she can bear to match him to another.

Then Justin lists his own criteria for a wife and Kitty is among the few candidates suitable. Worse, he demands each candidate spend one night of bliss with him!

Lady Varney’s risqué business might be her saving grace—but it may well become her undoing.

* * *

Delightful Doings in Dudley Crescent #1: HER BEGUILING BUTLER

The lovely widow at No. 10 Dudley Crescent hopes to lead a merry life without any husband to replace the elderly one she recently buried. Yet Lady Ranford finds herself in a pickle. Her new butler, Finnley, is not only the most obstinate man she’s ever met, but also an enigma.

She’s never been lured to naughtiness with a man. Heaven knows, she certainly shouldn’t fantasize about the tall, dark, scowling creature who runs her household like his finely tuned pocket watch.

But she can’t help herself. She needs to taste him—or dismiss him.

Finnley, poor fellow, has a few risqué dreams of his own about how he’d like to handle the delectable widow. Alone in his rooms, he tries to deny how her humor riddles his mind and how her beauty steals his breath away.

None of his solutions are proper.

All of his desires are quite…dear me…scandalous.

But what’s a butler to do when the very life of his beloved employer is at stake? And he cannot control his need to protect her and…ahem…bed her!

* * *

Those Notorious Americans #2: DARING WIDOW

Marianne Roland is a widow who has left behind her past including memories of an intemperate husband and the hardships of the American civil war. Now she enjoys the comforts her wealthy Uncle Killian bestows on all his family. As she watches others fall in love, she decides to find an amusing lover for herself but only for one enchanting night.

Andre Claude Marceau, Duc de Remy and Prince d’Aumale, finds Marianne’s joie de vivre enchanting—and her plan for a temporary affair with him impossible.

He offers her one night in his arms, and to his delight, she craves another. But he needs more from her than a few hours of bliss. So when he shows er how to fill her days with passions that complement those they enjoy together at night, Marianne must choose.

Will she insist on a passing fancy? Or will she embrace a brighter future beside a man who offers her a love affair with life?