Cerise Deland

Regency Romance

Christmas Belles

The Earl's Wagered Bride
Book 1
The Viscount's Only Love
Book 2
The Duke's Impetuous Darling
Book 3
The Marquess's Final Fling
Book 4
The Butler's Forbidden Fancy
Book 5
Aunt Gertrude's Red Hot Christmas Beau
Book 6
Christmas Belles Boxed Set
Books 1-6

Regency Romps

Lady Varney's Risque Business
Book 1
Rendezvous with a Duke
Book 2
Masquerade with a Marquess
Book 3
Interlude with a Baron
Book 4
Regency Romps

Delightful Doings in Dudley Crescent

Her Beguiling Butler
Book 1
His Tempting Governess
Book 2
His Naughty Maid
Book 3

Other Regencies

Lady Starling's Stockings
Sense and Sensibility
The Stanhope Challenge: The Quartett
Storm & Shelter
Get Your Duke On
The Lyon's Share
The Wedding Wager
Belles & Beaux