Cerise Deland

SEALed Securities, Inc.

The Lion

The Lion

SEALed Securities, Inc., Book 1
Kindle Worlds • February 16, 2016
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ScorpioFocused, driven, SEAL Mike Lyons put duty first…until an IED changed all that. Rebecca Tierney was the woman he always left behind…until he had to protect her from creeps who threatened to kill her.

THE LION, OMEGA TEAM, Crossover to Scorpian, SEALed Securities, Inc.

Former SEAL Mike Lyons goes to work locking down bad dudes, State-side, for the Omega Team. His PTSD is his biggest enemy but he’s doing an A1 job….

Until Grey Holden of Omega assigns him to protect the woman Mike has always left behind. Mike’s on point for the mission but questions if Rebecca Tierney will give him a crack at a happily-ever-after.

Becka nixed hope for any long-term relationship with Mike long ago. Too bad she’s never been able to nix her love for him. When he shows up and carries her away Tarzan-style, she’s determined to chill.

But old habits die hard.

Even though mixing business with pleasure would be the worst thing they could do.

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