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Lord Ashley’s Beautiful Alibi

He pretended he was her lover.
She became his alibi…and his only love.
Lord Ashley's Beautiful Alibi

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An informative and delightful review for LORD ASHLEY'S BEAUTIFUL ALIBI! am so thrilled at this review for ALIBI!!!I do hope you will take a few minutes to read it. It is informative. So you know what you're getting! In [...] READ MORE

Kissing is not permitted! A nibble of my new cherry!

A nibble!Yes!, Lord Ashley’s Beautiful Alibi, All rights reserved, Cerise Deland. Copyright 2024.“We must stop,” Augustine murmured, though like a besotted girl, she arched her neck to give him greater [...] READ MORE

Real places, good fiction! What's a good story made of? See much in my LORD ASHLEY's BEAUTIFUL ALIBI!

What's a good story made of?Lots of things. But one element every author of historical fiction knows is that often the place is just as important as the characters and [...]

Agents of my fictitious merchant Scarlett Hawthorne attempt to topple the little general while they fall delightfully in love!

We read romance for the joy of falling in love. But we read historical romance for the drama of living in different era. In my new series, SCARLETT AFFAIRS, I give [...] READ MORE

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