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Belles & Beaux

Belles & Beaux

Bluestocking Belles • December 15, 2022

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A Blue Stocking Belles Collection

Just in time for Christmas 2022 comes this boxed set of eight charming stories of love, family, and miracles. Each Belle has contributed a tale set in the festive season—one just long enough to fit in between tasks at this busy time of the year. The tales are unrelated, except by the festive season.

Some have been written for this collection, some are made-to-order stories never before published, some have been used as fan giveaways. All are delightful.

So watch for the opportunity to pour the drink of your choice, find a favourite chair, and step into one of our worlds.

A Mistletoe Kiss by Sherry Ewing

As Christmas approaches, Sophie Templeton’s one wish is a kiss beneath the mistletoe from the man who holds her heart. Spencer, Earl of Wilmott has been quietly waiting for Sophie to grow up. Has he left it too late to make his offer?

The Magic Christmas Soup by Susana Ellis

The life of an idle spare was no life at all for retired Captain, Daniel Winthrop. He was capable of doing many things, but they all required a wealthy bride. Governess Emily Bainbridge feared being pursued for her fortune, so she kept hers a secret. Will this pair find the courage to conquer their pride and risk all for love?

Flowers for His Lady by Alina K Field

After her fall from grace years ago, Eleanor Gurnwood has made a family of the villagers in her vicar-brother’s parish. His rising career means she must choose between continuing as his minion or staying with the village. Then her past rides in on a white horse in the form of Major Sir Bramwell Huxley.

An Angel’s Promise by Rue Allyn

Artis MacKai might be only a little girl, but she is not going to let a blizzard, wolves, or a deadly enemy stop her from rescuing the stolen mare and foal who are the hope of her family. It will take the spirits of her parents, a determined boy, and her desperate brother to save her.

Room at the Inn by Caroline Warfield

A fatherless child requires a village with room in their hearts. A hardhearted baroness makes it impossible. The Honorable Declan Alworth steps up to make room in his heart and his home for the little treasure. How can the vicar’s niece, Maera Willis, resist either one of them?

Zara’s Locket by Jude Knight

After Zara MacLaren is dismissed from her post on Christmas Eve, things go from bad to worse. When a goldsmith recognises the locket he once made in the hands of a would-be seller, he sets out to find her. What seems bad fortune might just turn into a Christmas miracle.

Three Ships by Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Laura Winter lives on a tidal island that is home to a lighthouse. On a late November day a violent storm brings not only the handsome Lieutenant Michael Renten but also a clutch of pirates bent on wreaking mischief.

The Beau of Christmas Past by Cerise DeLand

Years ago, Alyssa and Declan were caught enjoying a Christmas kiss, which broke Alyssa’s betrothal to another man, and caused the pair to be exiled, far from their families and one another. Home for Christmas, will they find the past something to be overcome? Or fulfilled?

Christmas Belles Boxed Set

Christmas Belles Boxed Set

Christmas Belles, Books 1-6
W J Power • October 25, 2022

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The Countess of Marsden requests the pleasure of your company at her home on the North Steyne in Brighton. December 21 to December 28, 1815.

She welcomes you to dining, dancing, charades, cards and match-making for 12 lonely people!

Card-sharps, smugglers, lecherous lords are not invited, though she fears they will appear, though she’s afraid they will appear!

Répondez s’il vous plait!

The Earl’s Wagered Bride

A lady bets her future. A gentleman weighs the odds. Who really wins when both want what’s best for those they love?

The Viscount’s Only Love

She’s through with love. He’ll never want any other woman. Can he not prove he’s a better man? And can the two of them make a stable future from the ashes of their past mistakes?

The Duke’s Impetuous Darling

She’ll never wed so she catches crooks instead! He wants only two gifts this Christmas. Peace. And the love of his life. Can he help her regain her pride? Or will she condemn them both to live a life without each other?

The Marquess’s Final Fling

He’s has always followed every social rule. She’s always followed every social convention. A reunion leading to marriage when she knows she can never give him the one gift she thinks he wants?

The Butler’s Forbidden Fancy

The vicar’s son and the earl’s daughter always broke the rules. Now they must break bigger ones to win each other.
Do they have the courage?

Aunt Gertrude’s Red Hot Christmas Beau

He’s ready to laugh again! But he wants more than a few nights with her. When he tells her, what will she say?
Can she love him? At his age? Imperfect as he is? Loving her as he does?

The Wedding Wager

The Wedding Wager

Chasity Bowlin • September 27, 2022

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The Boast—pride goeth before the fall…

After facilitating the match of the season, Lady Pandora “Pansy” Osbourne, has boasted that she is the best matchmaker The Ton has ever seen. Always willing to bring her cousin down a peg or two, her cousin, Lady Octavia Sewell insists that was no feat of matchmaking at all, as the couple involved were clearly destined for one another despite Pansy’s meddling. A bitter argument ensues and a dreadful challenge is issued. Pansy must do more than say it… she must prove it.

The terms of the wager are set!

Pansy must produce no less than one match per month between people who have been notoriously unmarriageable—spinsters, bluestockings, rakes and fortune hunters, oh my! But there’s more riding on this than simply her pride! If Pansy loses, she will have to give up her most prized possession—a tiara that belonged to their grandmother will be forfeited into Octavia’s grasping hands.

The Ends Justify the Means… or do they?

Desperate to make these matches, prove her claims of matchmaking prowess to be true and make Octavia eat crow in a very public fashion, Pansy resorts to the greatest weapon in any matchmaker’s arsenal—the house party. Not just one, but a series of them. For two weeks out of every month, she will open her home to an assortment of victims…er, guests. At the end of each party, one couple will emerge either betrothed or wed, by fair means or foul.


The Raven's Last BetSara Fleming made a bet her newest betrothed can’t refuse.

Never good at gambling, Harry Seymour bets he can find a better way to win her heart!
But he better hurry!

Harry Seymour is home from years of fighting abroad to clean up the mess his roguish brother left upon his untimely death. Worse, his father, the Duke of Meredith, demands Harry honor a deal he made with his best friend to marry the man’s eldest daughter…for money.

Harry, who’s loved Sara Fleming since she was four, has no problem marrying her. He never did, even when she was denied him because she was the Whiskey King’s daughter. But not for money.

Sara cannot accept the bargain her father made with the duke. She’s already left two men at the altar because she didn’t love either one. And if she can’t wed Harry for love, she’ll marry no one. But she wagers she’ll walk away happy if Harry will do her the favor of ruining her. It’s a bet Harry can’t refuse.
Can he?




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