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Dragonblade's Historical Recipe Cookbook

Dragonblade’s Historical Recipe Cookbook

Dragonblade Publishing, Inc • November 20, 2023

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There is a saying – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and no one understands that better than romance writers. If there’s a way to a man’s heart – they’ll find it!

Welcome to a cookbook inspired by historical recipes.

Every era, and every civilization, had their own recipes based on available ingredients, regional tastes, and more. At the dawn of time, food was meant for survival, but as the ages passed, food also became an artform… or a sign of wealth… or even a message of love. Because what winsome lass wouldn’t produce something warm and filling for the man she loves?

Romance – and recipes – go hand in hand, so step into our parlor and try recipes from some of your favorite historical romance authors!