Cerise Deland
You Made Me Love You

You Made Me Love You

Matrimony!, Book 3
Dragonblade Publishing, Inc • November 17, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781961275720
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Love does not advertise.
Love extracts no price.

When a young widow wishes to marry again, will the man she grows to love ask more than she can give?

Mrs. Tynley Wallingford yearns for a quiet, comforting marriage to a man whom she can respect. She’ll go to any lengths to find the best candidate who can respect her, in turn. Even correspond with one fellow at length before she agrees that Kendryck Hollens is the man whose words awaken her desire for a husband she might grow to love.

Tynley takes a risk and sails to Wales with the best intentions. She finds in Kendryck a man with a noble ambition—and a family filled with age-old conflict and despair.

Kendryck Hollens returns home to Wales after fifteen years abroad, a stranger to his cantankerous family. He assumes his rightful title as baron of the legendary house of Strade and attempts to change the dastardly reputation of his ancestors, and put his siblings on the right path to a purposeful life.

Thrilled that Tynley has come to his home, he notices that her presence creates challenges among those in his family. But he feels assured she can help him obtain what he wants most in this world.

When a tragedy threatens to ruin his ambition and his family, he fears the price of endurance will ruin Tynley’s personal objective too—and drive her from him.

How much can one ask of one whom they love? Are any prices too high?

WANTED: Matrimony!
Adverts for happily-ever-afters!

When finding a spouse becomes your most important task, what do you do?

You take an advertisement in our newspaper!

Young, older, widowed, lonely—ladies send their best descriptions of themselves to the Fleet Street Chronicle, hoping to attract the man of their dreams.

Rich, poor, titled, not—the gentlemen who advertise for a wife hope to discern among the posts one woman whom they will be proud to marry.

But can these men and women take their newly wedded spouse to their their beds? To their hearts?

Ah. There’s the rub.