Delightful Doings in Dudley Crescent

Dudley Crescent is a verdant parcel of land in London, granted by King Charles II to the Earl of Dudley who was one of his staunchest supporters. With gold he’d stolen as a highwayman during Charles’s exile on the Continent, Dudley put his ill-gotten gains to good use and built the finest town homes in the capital. Renting the land in perpetuity to certain Royalist friends quadrupled his fortune.

Today, those who have townhomes surrounding the verdant park are a few of the wealthiest and most influential lords and ladies in the kingdom.

For example, as No. 10 lives lonely, lovely Alicia Blindon. She’s a widow, you see, with a devilish problem. She likes her butler…more than is proper.

Her Beguiling Butler

Book 1

His Tempting Governess

Book 2

His Naughty Maid

Book 3