Cerise Deland
Get Your Duke On

Get Your Duke On

‎Dragonblade Publishing, Inc. • July 21, 2022

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Welcome to a rollicking summer in Regency England, where the weather is warm, the ladies warmer, and the dukes sizzling-hot!

For lovers of historical romance, lose yourself in this collection of never before published Regency tales. From gambling halls to ballrooms, you’ll enjoy a summer with a wide cast of unforgettable characters. Themes from your favorite summertime songs have inspired these tales, so get ready for fun, fun, fun or a little old lady who drives her phaeton far too fast.

It’s glamour, passion, and adventure in one magical summer in Regency England!

Authors in this collection include:

Kathryn Le Veque
Chasity Bowlin
Alexa Aston
Maggi Andersen
Meara Platt
Mary Lancaster
Caroline Lee
Elizabeth Johns
Cerise Deland
Bianca Blythe
Nadine Millard
Amy Jarecki
Sofie Darling
Merry Farmer