Cerise Deland
Lady You're Mine

Lady, You’re Mine

Naughty Ladies, connected
WJ Power • December 20, 2022
ISBN-13: 9798371498090
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She’d spent so many years acting like a proper lady, she’d forgotten how to be a woman.

He’s determined to help her remember.

Lady William Downs revels in her reputation as a Society dragon, a Diamond (still!) at her age, too—and a widow of independent means.

Colonel Lord Magnus Augustus Welles is home from the savagery of the wars. Heir to his ailing father the Duke of Ruscombe, Magnus wants a wife—and he knows just who that will be. But the lady doth protest too much.

To woo her is easy.

To win her he’ll persuade her with the best gifts of all—a new phaeton, horses—and, yes, himself. In all the racy ways she’s never enjoyed!

Note: This story was first published as part of the anthology set titled Get Your Duke On in August 2022.