Cerise Deland
Regency Romps

Regency Romps Box Set: 4 Tales of Romantic Comedy, Adventure & Mystery

Regency Romps, Collection
W.J. Power • April 9, 2021

EBOOK: • Kindle

Four gentlemen of the ton learn that falling in love is dangerous, but necessary to their happiness.
One man inherits a title and estate but will never enjoy both unless he can influence one stubborn lady to find him the most suitable bride! But she is his intended—and she has no intention of ruining his new life!

His friend, a duke, discovers the lady he cannot live without suffers under a terrible cloud of mystery. He must convince her that they can free her of the past to build a bright future together!

A third gentleman finds the lady he has always loved masquerading at his latest house party, looking for a lost treasure. They soon discover the prize they must reclaim together is their long lost love for each other.

Their other friend suddenly has the chance to persuade the one woman he adores to marry him. Yet he confronts his biggest challenge when she refuses to marry any man ever again.