Cerise Deland
A May Day to Remember

A May Day to Remember

Brook Ridge Press • May 5, 2020
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A May Day to Remember features eight all-new novellas full of May Day Mischief and heart-pounding romance. Indulge in these novellas from USA Today and bestselling authors today:

Lady Mary's May Day Mischief

Lady Mary’s May Day Mischief by Cerise DeLand

Lady Mary Finch always succeeded match-making for her friends. Until she fails…and often. But what’s she to do when the man she loves fears her motives? Can she earn Lord Bridges’ trust or will she lose him forever?

* * *

Married by May by Nadine Millard

Lady Beatrice Fortescue can’t face another unsuccessful London Season. Her mother is determined to make Beatrice an Incomparable by June. So Beatrice is determined to be married by May.

* * *

One Fateful May Day by Amanda Mariel

Lady Emma Finch knew disaster would strike when she agreed to accompany her friends to the village May Day festival. Viscount Linley, Archer Wakefield, attended the festival with fun and frolic in mind. Neither could have guessed what would happen once their paths crossed.

* * *

The Vixen in Red by Dawn Brower

Lady Charlotte Rossington crosses paths with Collin, the Earl of Frossly when she is banished to the country. He’s handsome as sin and the wickedest rogue she’s ever encountered. She is drawn to him–the last thing she wants is to be forced to choose between her dream and love.

* * *

A May Day Code for Love by Jacki Delecki

When Miss Ella Evans, bluestocking and gothic fiction writer, is asked to accompany one of the Crown’s undercover agents to a May Day celebration in pursuit of a of a band of French smugglers, she cannot refuse even though it means confronting the man who stole her innocence with the empty promise of matrimony three years ago.

Lord Sebastian Grosvenor pledged his fealty to the Crown, but that loyalty is tested when Lord Rathbourne, Head of English Intelligence, demands he pose as the besotted beau to a bookish spinster to root out a dangerous foreign spy. When Ella’s clever machinations prove invaluable to their mission, Sebastian finds himself torn between protecting her honor and identifying the smuggling ringleader.

Danger and passion collide when Ella uncovers the spy’s identity and is kidnapped. Can Sebastian rescue the young woman who’s stolen his heart without sacrificing his duty to the Crown?

* * *

Falling for the American by Aileen Fish

For Lady Patience Lumley, the best thing about visiting her sister’s American farm is the next-door neighbor, Kit Pennington. He’s also her best bet for finding a way to make her life there. Now to convince him he’s not complete without the love of the woman he thinks is the bane of his existence.

* * *

The Queen of May by Diana Bold

Flynn Hollister, the second son of the Earl of Darlington, is soon to join the Army. At the May Day celebration, he declares his love for the Queen of May Day, Violet Weatherby. She promises to write to him while he is gone, and he leaves thinking he’s found the woman of his dreams. When he returns from war five years later, wounded and heartsick, he is shocked to find that the woman he’s been corresponding with the entire time is now married to his brother. Daisy Weatherby, Violet’s younger sister, has loved Flynn since she was a child, and she is the one who’s been writing to him. How can she tell him that the woman he fell in love with is her and not her sister?

* * *

Magic in Mayflowers by Sandra Sookoo

Self-confirmed spinster Miss Anne Deighton wants to match her younger sister to a gentleman and see her happily married before settling into her fate… for her own previous two engagements failed. Quiet Reginald Marleigh, Viscount Ingleby, has come to the Wiltshire countryside to attend May Day festivities… and to turn his attention to the responsibilities of his title. Yet during the four days of the country festival, there are all too many opportunities for mischief and stolen kisses… and perhaps reckless danger. If the two of them let themselves, they’ll see there is magic in Mayflowers, and it might just encourage love to bloom.

About the Series

The Four Weddings and a Frolic Series

The Four Weddings and a Frolic Series:
LADY MARY'S MAY DAY MISCHIEF, Book 2 (part of the A May Day To Remember box set)
MISS HARVEY'S HORRIBLY LOVABLE FIANCÉ, Book 3 — Coming August 18, 2020
MISS WEAVER'S HANDSOME FROLIC, Book 5 — Coming October 5, 2020

Read an Excerpt from Lady Mary’s May Day Mischief

Mary mashed her lips together, disconcerted by his insistence that he’d failed. “How often did you fail? Tell me. Where?”

He lifted a shoulder and gazed off to consider a hideous hole in Spain. “I did not do well at Badajoz.”

As if he’d punched her, she sat taller. “You must not take all blame for that battle.”

“We numbered twenty-one engineers leading infantry. Teaching them as we fought hand-to-hand down into the trenches. A nightmare to climb out. My god.” He raked a hand through his tousled hair. “Over our own wounded and dead. The French rained down artillery upon us like a million devils.”

“But in the end, you won that city.”

“I cannot claim success.”

“Then I claim it for you. And praise you for it. Your parents would commend you for what you learned and what you built and what you endured.”

He considered the keyboard, but finally raised his head. “I am proud of what we did, but more of what we learned. After Badajoz, we knew our weak points and how to correct them.”

“And that,” she said as she squeezed his hands, “is what we celebrate the most.”

“Until this moment,” he said as he took in her hair, her eyes, her mouth, “when you and I celebrate what we were and what we can become.”

He put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her.

“I say! Good morning!” Lady Courtland greeted them from the doorway. Behind her came two of her friends and all three took chairs across the room.

“So much for privacy.”

He silently cursed. His agenda would have to wait. To the music then.

Mary cleared her throat as she scooted away from him. “We had a repertoire, as I recall. A very good one.”

“I know.” Hip to hip, he winked at her. “Let’s do the simple Mozart first.”

“Our lullaby.” She brightened as once she did as a mischievous child.

“Ours, yes.” As children they’d chosen one of Mozart’s simpler piano pieces and dubbed it their own. Cooperating at first for their own amusement, they’d adapted his works for four hands. They became so good at their innovations that they had performed for their families and for larger gatherings. “Try the first chords. I’ll follow.”

She flexed her fingers as she examined the keys. Then she grinned at him. “A simple round first?”

He nodded, thinking she spoke of their renewed relationship more than of music. “We start slowly.”

Her blue eyes rested in his. “I never thought to see you again…or play the piano with you.”

“We correct that now.” He tore his gaze from hers and focused on the keys. “Begin.”

She started off slowly and simply, but as she approached the second refrain, he set his fingers to begin his own accompaniment. He felt, rather than saw her laugh, and they both approached the next with more confidence. The third round was more elaborate, she with the theme, adding as she could, and he creating a new digression. By the fourth round, they played with enthusiasm and an audience of two gathered round. Another approached and yet one more. By the end, they gained hearty applause.

He stood to extend a hand toward her for the guests’ approbation. She rose, curtsied and he led her toward the garden doors. They stood together, perhaps too close, secluded from prying eyes at least partially by heavy drapes. “You were wonderful, Mary.”

“I never would have thought to try it.” Her cheeks were pink, the twinkle in her eyes his reward. “Thank you.”

“Shall we play tonight?”

“During the ball? Oh, no,” she said. “You must dance.”

He could not contain his need of her. “With you, I will.”

“Oh, Blake, I won’t embarrass myself.”

“Let me hold you.”

He heard the breath leave her lungs.

“I need to dance with you, darling.”

She worked at words, blinking.

He chuckled. “Did you think I would not wish it?”

“I—no. I told you I still do not dance. I haven’t had a partner. Not before you. Not after you.” She put two hands to her cheeks. “Oh, I am flustered. You terrible man.”

He caught her wrists and lifted both to his lips. And on each warm and tender pulse, he placed a tender kiss.

She stood, her mouth open.

“I don’t care who sees us, Mary. I want you. In my arms. To dance. To kiss on the wrist and on your pretty lips. I want you. Tonight on the floor. Dance. With me.”

Her lips pursed as if she coveted his proposition. “You make it sound so—”

“Scandalous?” He arched a brow.

A wide smile graced her lovely face. “Delicious.”

Victory! “Good then. Done. Now leave here. Quickly, lest I scoop you up in front of all these curious people and carry you off.”

The lazy sweep of her eyes over his features had him thinking she might agree to let him do that, too.

“One more thing,” he held her back before she left him, stiff and throbbing with need of her.


“Hmmm. May you always say that.”

“To what?” she asked, part imp, part wayward angel.

“Do not come near me in the village.”

“No?” She swayed closer as if he mesmerized her. That he had that ability filled him with pride. “Not to dance round the May pole and wish each other good harvests?”

“No dances round any pole, Mary. Our harvests together will always be bountiful.”

Her lively blue eyes went limpid. “Blake, you are a devil.”

“Go,” he said, a glance at others in the room who took notice of their conversation. “Tonight is ours.”