Christmas Belles Boxed Set

Christmas Belles, Books 1-6

Christmas Belles Boxed Set


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Christmas Belles, Books 1-6

The Countess of Marsden requests the pleasure of your company at her home on the North Steyne in Brighton. December 21 to December 28, 1815.

She welcomes you to dining, dancing, charades, cards and match-making for 12 lonely people!

Card-sharps, smugglers, lecherous lords are not invited, though she fears they will appear, though she’s afraid they will appear!

Répondez s’il vous plait!

The Earl’s Wagered Bride

A lady bets her future. A gentleman weighs the odds. Who really wins when both want what’s best for those they love?

The Viscount’s Only Love

She’s through with love. He’ll never want any other woman. Can he not prove he’s a better man? And can the two of them make a stable future from the ashes of their past mistakes?

The Duke’s Impetuous Darling

She’ll never wed so she catches crooks instead! He wants only two gifts this Christmas. Peace. And the love of his life. Can he help her regain her pride? Or will she condemn them both to live a life without each other?

The Marquess’s Final Fling

He’s has always followed every social rule. She’s always followed every social convention. A reunion leading to marriage when she knows she can never give him the one gift she thinks he wants?

The Butler’s Forbidden Fancy

The vicar’s son and the earl’s daughter always broke the rules. Now they must break bigger ones to win each other.
Do they have the courage?

Aunt Gertrude’s Red Hot Christmas Beau

He’s ready to laugh again! But he wants more than a few nights with her. When he tells her, what will she say?
Can she love him? At his age? Imperfect as he is? Loving her as he does?

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